Roster for the 2015 Reunion

These are the Airman whom made it.
A number of wives also came and
enjoyed dinner and meeting old friends. 

Joe Felix

Loey Wassam
Clarence Wilson
Joe Connick
James Nesto
Ray Hogue
Joe Moore
Charles Markley
Claud Wilson
Perry Haney
Noel Mabe
John Cox
Benjamin Thompson
Vance Loftin
Robin Michael
Tom Kus
Billy Dickson
Richard Bell
Jack Roberts
John Davis
Charles McKnight
William "Satch" Sutherland
Jerry Suiter
Guy Bierwith
David Graves

These are the Airman who planned to be here but could not
make it due to the nasty winter weather and snow & ice.

Johnny Joyner
Tom Venable
Robert Hott

15 Airman have passed away since
2006 that we know of.

Sully O'Nellon passed 24 Feb 15


Opening Remarks and introduction of our guest speaker.

Opening remarks by David Graves:

"January 31, 1699 the French explorers LeMoyne and D'lberville landed and laid claim to
Dauphin Island and the territory we later came to know as the Louisiana Territory.  Early
1704 the first child was born on Dauphin Island.  One could say Dauphin Island was the
birthplace of our existing community.

Fast forward now to the late 1940s.  Members of the Mobile Chamber of Commerce
dreamed up a wild idea to build a bridge to Dauphin Island and divide the Island into lots
and sell them.  Finally in 1953 the dream started coming to fruition.  80% of the lots were
sold within three days.  Prior to construction of the bridge, committee members ferried to
Dauphin Island by boat, launching from Cedar Point.

Ms Martha Collier ran a small restaurant at Cedar Point.  She wasn't fond of a bridge being
built and made it known.  She said on day a great tide and storm will wash either the
bridge or the island away.  Approximately 25 years later, Hurricane Frederick hit and
destroyed the bridge.

Mayor Collier was set to begin college at the University of South Alabama in two weeks
when Hurricane Frederick hit.  The bridge was gone, what should he do?  Well if it wasn't
for Hurricane Frederick, Jeff Collier may not have been the Island's Mayor.

When the town was incorporated in 1988, Mayor Collier was elected as councilman and
continues to serve for the betterment of this community, historic Dauphin Island."

Mayor Collier now took the floor and fielded a lot of questions about the Island and all
had a good time.  The party was over about 10:00 pm (2200 hours) and we adjourned to all
return to our lodging for the evening.

We hope to see all of the members from the 693rd Radar Squadron return for our next
reunion in about 2 years (2017).  

The location of our next reunion on the Island will be determined later on. Please note that
due to the heavy school schedules, the old dinning hall may not be available the next time
we get together.  If that is the case, then we will be meeting somewhere on the Island for a
great dinner and get together.  This will be announced on this web site once it has been
decided on.

PLEASE  keep your email address current so that you will get the announcements.

We hope that everyone will be able to
make it for the next reunion.