Dauphin Island AFS, AL

Site - looking North

Main site - looking North

Main site - looking North

Main site - looking South

Main site - looking South

Radar, looking South

GATR site, looking North

Housing area, looking North

Housing area, looking South

2009 photos contribued by Charlie Pormann

Now a part of the U.S. Coast Guard's Dauphin Island Recreational Complex, a portion of the old housing area.
Photo source: http://www.uscg.mil/mwr/Cottages/DauphinIslandRecreationComplex.htm

February 2004

Photo source: E. Eean McNaughton Architects

Now part of the Estuarium, the old U.S. Air Force search-radar tower is seen to the left.


The old Air Force Station was at the left center of this photo, behind the fort.

August 2000

Contributed by Gene McManus

Dauphin Island Sea Lab, a marine educational institution, occupies the former Dauphin Island AFS site. The esturarium sits immediately adjacent to the former search radar tower, left background. The esturarium air handlers are on the upper deck of the tower. The tower is not physically connected to the esturarium.

The DISL Administration building has a fairly extensive marine library. I enquired whether they had any information at all on the old Air Force Station, and unfortunately they did not.

DISL uses the old barracks as dormitories for students. All buildings are in excellent repair, and the area neat. It appears that all the former AFS buildings are in current use by the Sea Lab.

The mess hall houses the student cafeteria.

Fort Gaines, one of two forts which guarded Mobile Bay during the Civil War is immediately east of the old Air Force Station.


Contributed by Scott Murdock

[The following photos are from the Dauphin Island Sea Lab web site]