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Above is the Radar Site on the East end of the Dauphin Island taken from a 1962 postcard which is shown in full size.  Should anyone have a better copy of this card - please contact me to arrange getting a new scan of it for inclusion here.

The enlarged area shown below is of the eastern end of Dauphin Island.  You can see both Fort Gaines (Established in 1821) at the tip on the water line and adjacent to it, the 693rd Radar Squadron as it appeared in 1962.

These two pictures are from a 6 X 9 inch postcard published in 1962.  The distributor was Dexter, Inc., and the card or print number is 30361-B ~ PH68535.  Published by Thigpen Photocolor, Inc., 163 State Street, Mobile, Alabama.

 The caption on the back of the post card reads:
"Fleecy White Clouds hover over Dauphin Island Resort Center
of the Alabama Gulf Coast"


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Due to the Covic19 and the two hurricanes that hit the
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693rd Airman ~ The Final Salute


Dauphin Island Air Force Station Today

Google Maps November 2019


Remember when this hung on the dining room wall!  

One of the many emblems over the years.

Remember this dining room tray?

Guess what ! David presented the tray to the
current Dining Hall Manager for display
on the dining room wall.

This tray was donated to our group of Airmen and it was then placed in a real nice custom made shadowbox. This was then presented to the current Dinning Hall Manager for display on the dinning room wall. If you are on the island - stop by and see it and the new dinning room! You can also stay for a meal as well if you like. The meals are really good. Make sure you get the menu for the day and also the serving times. If you have a Military ID Card then you are entitle to a military discount for your meal. This is supposed to include the VA Hospital ID Card as well as the Base ID Card. Please ask the attendant for the discount and be ready to show your ID.

Videos & Pictures

IF anyone has any pictures of the Radio Maintenance GATR TX and RX Radio Sites, please get in touch with Robin and make arrangements to get copies of these pictures to him for posting on this web site.

Thank you for your help.

2006 & 2012 Reunion - Sully O'Nellon video taped both of these reunions and made two DVD's, one for each reunion. If anyone would like a copy of these DVD's, please mail $10.00 to Robin Michael, P.O. Box 1016, Tryon NC 28782 to cover the cost of materials & mailing.
 2015 Reunion on this link.  Pictures, Attendees & Dinner Menu
 2018 Reunion on this link. Pictures & Dinner Menu
 Airman Joyner's 1963-65 Pictures. (Photos)  
 Airman Michael's 1963-65 Pictures. (Photos)    
 2015 Video ~ 10 minutes. A drive across the New Bridge to the Dauphin Island's Water Tower.  Remember that this was a causeway and a draw bridge until Katrina took it out and the bridge had to be totally rebuilt.
 2015 Video ~ 17 Minutes. A drive starting at the current West end of the island and going to the East end of the island. This shows the damage that Katrina did to the homes on the narrow west end of the island. Also it cut off about 1/8 of the West end of the island though I am told that you can still walk across at low tide - in 2018.
15 minute slide show of a collection of photos of the 693rd Radar Squadron and the areas found around Dauphin Island, most dating back to the early to mid 1960's.
 2018 Photos of what remains of the GATR TX Site after Katrina !   Not Much ! Does anyone have any pictures of the old Transmitter Site on the beach?  No sign of anything that was the TX site is now left. All gone!
 Radar Domes Website : Site listing for the 693 Radar Squadron (AC&W) History Page as found on: www.radomes.org .
Note: They offer no online correction capability other than to change your email address.

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Airman Robin Michael
693rd Radio Maintenance
GATR Site '63 ~ '65

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