Videos of the
693rd Radar Squadron Reunion
for 2006 and 2012

We are sorry to announce that Sully O'Nellion
has passed away on February 24th, 2015

The videos listed below on this page were both taken and created by Sully O'nellion of the 2006 and 2012 reunions.  These were then compiled, edited and sync to music and put on DVD's by Sully. Sully then sent copies to the web master (Robin) whom then took the finished DVD's and split out the different parts to created the web based videos. This was done so that they would play on the net.  The 2 full DVD's are available below if you wish to obtain a copy of the set - see below for ordering them.  Cost is for materials and postage.

Note that the videos are being edited for on line viewing as I am having to remove all sound from the videos to be legal.

  The 8mm Movie in B&W taken in 1964 - 12 minutes

  The 2006 Dinner - 48 minutes

  The 2006 Pictures - 5 minutes

  The 2012 Dinner - 38 minutes

  The 2012 Pictures - 6 minutes

  2012 Comments from some of the men

The 8mm and all of the 2006 videos are located on dvd-1
and the 2012 videos are on dvd-2.  These are a set of two DVDs.
If wish to have a copy of these 2 videos then the cost is $5.00 to

cover mailing via UPSP and the DVD's.

  To order these 2 DVDs.