Welcome to the very First
Vietnam Veterans National Memorial
Angel Fire, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Started during the 1968 TET Offensive.
Constructed between 1968 ~ 1971.
The Vietnam War was over in 1975.

A Video Presentation by Robin Michael



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Below are Printable PDF's about this Memorial

   History of this Memorial  
  The Memorial A Self Guided Tour   
  The Story of the Memorial  
  The Story of Viking Surprise  
  The Museum Guide 

   The New Angel Fire State Veterans Cemetery  
        This is to be built adjacent to this Memorial

Memorial Update

The Westfall family turned the care and operation of the memorial over to the N.M. State Parks Service back around 2010. Then as of July 2017, the memorial once again changed hands from N.M. State Parks to the N.M. Department of Veterans Services (NMDVS). Plus the new state veterans cemetery that is to be constructed adjacent to the memorial is now suppose to begin work on it in January of 2019.

The memorials web address is : http://www.vietnamveteransmemorial.org




Groups and Veterans Service Organizations

Two versions of this video are available for live in person presentation in ultra HD. One of the videos is a 32 minute video and the other is a special 15 minute shorten version. 

If in Western NC or SC areas then either of these two videos may be presented in Ultra HD on a 9 foot wide screen. The shorten version of the video is primarily for presentation to service clubs or groups that have only a 15~20 minute time block for a guest speaker's presentation. If interested in having either video presented in person, then please contact me via the email address found below to schedule a presentation.



Please visit this Memorial if you are in
the Northern New Mexico Area near Taos.
Angel Fire is just up and over the mountain.
It will prove to be well worth your while.



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