W e l c o m e    H o m e   T o   A l l   V e t e r a n s


The Very First Vietnam Veterans National Memorial
Angel Fire, New Mexico, USA
Constructed between 1968 ~ 1971
During the 1st TET Offensive.

A video presentation by Robin Michael


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  History of this Memorial ~  4 pages PDF
  The Memorial Self Guided Tour ~  2 pages  PDF
  The Story of the Memorial ~  2 pages PDF
  The Story of Viking Surprise ~  2 pages PDF
  The Museum Guide ~  2 pages PDF

   The New Angel Fire State Veterans Cemetery
    This is to be built adjacent to this Memorial starting in 2017



Clubs and Service Organizations

If you wish to preview the 15 minute special shorten version of this
video, please click here. This shorten version of the video is
primarily done for presentation to service clubs or groups that have
only a 15~20 minute time block for a guest speakers presentation.
This video only shows some of the high lights from the above video.

If in Western NC or SC area then either of these videos may be
presented in Ultra HD on a 8 foot wide screen. Please contact
me via the email address found below to schedule a presentation.




Please visit this Memorial if you are in
the Northern New Mexico Area near Taos.
It will prove to be well worth your while.



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