1st Direct Air Support Flight


Location:  Yokota Air Base Japan


The following submitted by: Tom Branham

The 1st DASF and 2nd DASF were both located at Yokota Air Base Japan.  

The 2nd DASF then was transferred to Osan AB, Korea

James (Skip) Gronski was the ground power guy who went over to Korea, donít remember any of the others going.

Myself (Tom Branham) and Ed Janus along with Capt. Kaneski went to Viet Nam with the 173rd  in 1965 from Aug. to Dec.  The Intell. Sgt, and the Vehicle Repair Guy was from the 1st DASF

We were relieved by John Rich and Bob Emery, I  donít remember the FAC officer

While we were with the Brigade, a group came down to form DASC ALPHA at Nha Trang, in fact, when my time was up with the Brigade I went to Nha Trang.  Ron Bame was the ground power guy

Ray Golly and Myself were in Radio Maintenance.  Vincent Green, Bill Lamb, ??? Johnson, ??? Hall were the radio operators from the 1st DASF

In both (of) the TDY's - (one) to the Brigade and the one to the DASC, we had people from the other DASFís there also.

I remember a Sgt. Hart from the 7th DASF in Hawaii .  I canít remember the names of the other guys with us.


441st Combat Support Group (PACAF)
United States Air Force
APO San Francisco 96328

Special Order - 20 April 65   A-1215

The following Airman were assigned to the 1st DASF

1965-75  Rank = Pay grade
A1c = E4
A2c = E3

TSgt Burckhard, Albert T.  
TSgt Snow, William H.  
SSgt Boaz, William M.  
SSgt Emery, Robert E.  
SSgt Holley, Robert H.   Passed away
SSgt McLeod, Velderz     Passed away
SSgt Sheperd, Leroy        Passed away
A1c Lamm, William M.  
A1c Anderson, Alexand A.  
A1c Barker, Glenn R Passed away
A1c Durham, Lyndon W.  
A1c Goldman, Harold G.  
A1c Golley, Raymond M.  
A1c Green, Vincent R.  
A1c Hall, Francis W.  
A1c Janus, Edward J.  
A1c Johnson, Edward J.  
A1c Rich, John W. Jr.  
A1c Willoughby, Edwar E.  
A1c Wright, Ronald A.  
A2c Bame, Ronald M.  
A2c Branham, Orville T.  
A2c Hamm, Lawerence G.