603 DASS - South Korea

Hope that there are some of the guys out there that will contact me.

Missing my 55 Chevy

Camp Kaiser - MP - Club

Camp Kaiser - MP - Club

Bomb Strike at Nightmare Range

Church Camp Kaiser - I went there when I could

North / South Korea - DMZ - A very scary damn place

North / South Korea - DMZ - from inside our MRC-108 Jeep

North / South Korea - DMZ - Separates the two Koreas

Koon Weapons Range

Motor pool Camp Long South Korea

Major Monkvic, Korea Officer and I

My MRC-108 Jeep at the North / South Korean DMZ

Again at Nightmare Range in South Korea

Looking deep into North Korea from the DMZ - scary place

A picture says a 1000 words!

SFC Aderhold and KUSTA

Sgt Schel with FAC's

Sgt Steven Bowen - I Did My Best

I have forgotten who this is cutting up with me

Again at Nightmare Range in South Korea

I am controlling a air strike with Ltc Baker whom
taught me the ropes.

I am trying to cook inside a 2 man hex tent in
18 degree weather.

I have got to maintain the reputation of all of the
TACP members while here in South Korea!

Well - snow and cold here at KMAG-West

Acting like a Popsan

My best Rambo Pose to date

Chopsticks and I do not work out together!

Here I am with a ROK Marine Pilot and Capt
Pantuso at KMAG

Capt Kim, ROK  G3 Air and two South Korean

Major Mokvic whom replaced Ltc Baker

Mad dash into my MRC-108 Jeep

This can happen since the Jeeps were top heavy.
No one was hurt as the radios saves our lives.
We took the radios out of the jeep and took them inside.

My Family welcomes me home

This is what I had to leave for 13 months!



Our Orders

A letter of recommendation to get a job at home.