MSgt, Mike "Harpo" Humphrey, USAF Ret.
Original Pack Rat/ ROMAD, GP #3
ROK Tiger Div, CAV REG, Vietnam 1967-68
Coin Holder #313

Group 1 of my pictures.

O1e had to make a crash landing tail no is 0-0179

Airman Cook talking on the radio - M151A1/MRC-108

A very wealthy family owns this home

Chris Piliton messing around in quarters

Airman Ehem Brass with a 4X4 50 Cal machine gun

Me at one of the look out points

We borrowed from the AF a 10kw generator.

I scraped up the money and we has sounds!

They are saying "you guys have a nice day"!

Vietnamese kid watching after his cow

Opps messed this one up but oh well can't win them all!!

ROK Operations area south of Thunderbolt in 1968

Papa son with a load of wood to make charcoal

Opps - M151A1/MRC108 comm jeep is in trouble!

Camp Thunderbolt

DIV and REG CC get together

ROK Officers latrine

Another shot of the wrecked jeep which is now parts

Another show looking down on Camp Thunderbolt

ROMAD Conference at the bar in CAV REG HQ's

Chris Piliton trying to make his camera work

So do you think we need to have our own career field?

Momma pig with 7 little ones

Bunker before a VC Strike on the compound

ROK G2 and REG CC in conference

A captured VC

Chris Piliton summer 1968

REG CC and ALO Capt Erikson

Norm Comfort and White in conference

I'll Volunteer for anything - maybe!

Me again - New Years 1967

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