MSgt, Mike "Harpo" Humphrey, USAF Ret.
Original Pack Rat/ ROMAD, GP #3
ROK Tiger Div, CAV REG, Vietnam 1967-68
Coin Holder #313

Group 3 of my pictures.

Moument Nui Mha Ha - East of Phu Cat AB

Me again!  1968

Me in Summer of 1965

Kid out having fun

You go first, No u go first!  Maybe!

ROK Division CC 1968

Ming Ho 9, East of Ahe Pass - summer 1968

ROK operation south of Thunderbolt AF, 1968


View from Nui Mah Ha - Looking ease to Qui Nhon 1968

10kw Generator - Courtesy of USAF - We borrowed it

Replacements are here - YA!

USO Show Nha Trange AB in October 1968

Air strike east of Phu Cat summer 1968 - Note smoke

105mm under cover near Cav Reg HQ

One of the many hooch maids

Captured VC Weapons taken in Jan 1968

Bivouac in Summer of 1968

A very wealthy mans home

Monument Nui Mah Ha - east of Phu Cat AB 1968

ROK OPS Diorama in 1968

Another shot of our destroyed communications jeep!

US Army searchlight team member CAV REQ HQ

Hop in - There is plenty of room! Ah come on!

ROK LTC Lee and REG G-2 Commander

Little Vietnamese kid and his cow

View from ROK CAV REG Lookout tower North to Phu Cat

A Korean friend and me.

Chris Piliton in 1`968

BAD BAD huh!


CAV REG looking down from OPS View Point