MSgt, Mike "Harpo" Humphrey, USAF Ret.
Original Pack Rat/ ROMAD, GP #3
ROK Tiger Div, CAV REG, Vietnam 1967-68
Coin Holder #313

Group 5 of my pictures.

ROK Fire team from the CAV REG

Katchinowskt and Haynes at ROMAD HQ Phu Cat AB 1968

105mm Fire Team at ROK CAV REG

Carroll either at Phu Cat or Tiger Town in 1968

Lt. Park and Capt Lee from S2 staff in our hooch!

General Shot of Phu Cat AB in 1968

Ehem Brass - ROMAD look for good shots to take

Chris Piliton and a ROK Solder friend

The pigs are on the loose again!

FAC Delivering the mail via air drop!

Piliton, Brass and Comfort fartin around again!

Me again but needing a little shut eye - long hours

The kids are at it again playing around

ROK Officers Club

ROMADS from Phu Cat summer 68  -  Anyone ID them?

Satch did this? 1968 between HQ and Thunderbold!