MSgt, Mike "Harpo" Humphrey, USAF Ret.
Original Pack Rat/ ROMAD, GP #3
ROK Tiger Div, CAV REG, Vietnam 1967-68
Coin Holder #313

Group 5 of my pictures.

Our Orders
You might like to read the paragraph below
which shows just how vague our orders really were!


This is a ALO map that was used for a fire control mission
Tiger Town is at the upper let center
Mission was in 1968


Smile - because you are on candid camera!
This is a 105mm Hollister


This communications jeep is the MRC-107 on a earlier version of the M-151 jeep.
The radios are totally different execpt for the PRC-25. 


One of our many hooch maids - a pretty young thing
that was just out enjoying the summer of lover in 1968


A bad picture of Snoopy our local dog / pet that
started life in Camp Thunderbolt as a very young
puppy in Nov or 1965. 

There will be a spot on this site for all of his
pictures shortly. 

If anyone has a frontal shot of him - please send
it in to me at  Thank you