Most of the pictures are taken at the Hai Yen Air Base in South Vietnam during 1965 ~ 66
Some were taken at Can Tho and others on Saigon Air Base.

All photos taken by Chuck Bangert.
Photos may be use provided full credit is provided to Chuck Bangert and this web page.


The main entrance to Hai Yen Air Field

Pet 14 foot Rock Pythone

One of the smaller snakes in South Vietnam

Two pet monkeys located in Can Tho

Green Beret housed over canal with various RVN Soldiers walking

The Kitchen in Green Beret House looking towards the sleeping quarters
Green Beret Sleeping Quarters

Part of the Radio Operations Room

Me in the backseat of a O1e Bird Dog Plane

Various quarters built at Hai Yen

Looking out from the Green Beret Porch down the canal

Father Hoa in 1965 with Green Berets unloading a plane

Dining Hall at Hai Yen

Another area of the Radio Room at COM Hq

HF Collins equipment for long range communications

This is a Caribou plane landing on a PSP metal runway.

More PSP strips for storage

Green Berets in the Loung

Captain Luck of the Green Berets

Landing at Ca Man

More of the PSP Metal Air Strips

Caribou Landing

The runway!

Flying in a O1e Bird Dog with rocket launchers on the wing.

Caribou ready to take off

Main Radio Room at Hai Yen 1966

Laundry cleaning time

Green Beret Training Camp for the RVN



Local Taxi

More of the radio room at Can Tho

Can Tho Head Quarters Air Strike Control Room, Intelligence and Radio.

Can Tho Soccer Field

Lunch Time

Sampan full of grain for sale

RVN Army Truck

Red Cross Medical Evac Jeep

Wounded being off loaded to go to the hospital

Out on a mission

Delivering ICE for keeping food cold

The Vietnamese all take a siesta for about 3 hours every afternoon.
A ride on one of the cycle taxies usually cost about 10$ VN which is about 8 cents
US but I only gave them 5$ VN because the Vietnamese only have to pay 2$ VN

Can Tho 1965

Homeless child

A lot of C123 and C47 aircraft used in Vietnam

Getting ready for a mission

Recovery of the wounded and dead

More of recovery of wounded and dead

Off to a mission or battle

A friend of mine

Troop transport vehicles

Mess Hall parking

Bike Taxie

Military RVN driver

Guards near our HQ

Huey parking area

Headquarters IV Corps ASOC at Can Tho 1965~66

Sanpan on the river

This is the Mekong River

Can Tho HQ side door

My Villa which is the upper right

RVN Soldiers

Police in Can Tho

Local theatre that shows real old movies

SSgt Bowen at Can Tho 1965

Street vender

Can Tho Mess Hall

Kids taking a bath on the Mekong River

In the background 2nd lever is a hotel I stayed in.

Villa near Can Tho - I lived here for a month or so

Mekong River

Little Beggars - they are everywhere

Young man taking a bath in the Mekong River

One of the many radio operators at Can Tho

USAF Shuttle

Note the HF antenna on the back of the jeep

Front Gate at the main entrance to Can Tho HQ's

Me showing off at ATOP HQ's Flight Ops!