Joe Trexler's TDY To Vietnam in 1965-1966
Assigned to the Korean Tiger HQ Location in South Vietnam
with the DASC ALPHA, as a ROMAD
from the 5th DASF located in the Philippians.

His pictures follow this sad news.


It is with great sadness that I have to announce that
Joe Trexler of the 5th DASF took his life.

Joe Trexler was a very tormented man-tormented by calling in an air strike that killed many old men, women and children. He' had many nightmares about it the past month or two and talked with his friend in Calif. about it. Sunday, Dec. 27th, he took a gun to me and then pointed it at himself saying something to the effect that he wanted out of this life. I called my daughter to come up and make him put it away. The VA called the next day and I inadvertently told them about that incident since I thought they already knew from someone else. They asked if I had called the police, but I did not because I knew if Joe knew I did, he'd be very angry with me.

I asked them to do it. They did, the cops came to my door & I told them he was at the old house getting trash out of the garage.  Evidently they waited till later after I'd gone to a Dr. appointment to come back. He'd gone out to get a sandwich and cigarettes and saw them as he came around the corner, backed up and ran away for 3 days. I didn't know if he had any clothes, his meds or anything. He later told me he'd gotten an emergency supply of meds from the local VA office.

Today, after running errands I came home , found his bedroom door locked, went downstairs and asked my daughter if she'd talked to him the past few hours and she said only earlier this morning.

I came back up stairs, hopped up to get the key to the door, opened it and saw him with his eyes open, moving closer I said 'Honey are you ok?' and that's when I saw the blood all over his head, pillows and bed. I screamed for Danielle to come up stairs right away. Her husband called the police. He's dead and I don't know where or when the funeral will be. I don't know time of death or anything yet due to a supposed pile up of bodies in the morgue to be processed.

My question is this, why didn't the person at the VA detain him for mental evaluation knowing what I'd told them the day before? Why didn't the cops run his name to get his truck license number and pick him up? If they had he could've been saved from himself and all the misery we now feel over the loss of my husband, my kids father and grandchildren's grandfather . At the funeral we hope no one slips and says he killed himself. For the sake of the kids, he died of a massive heart attack.

I'm strong, with God's help, know GOD is with me always, but still am not believing he did this. God knew he was not in his right mind, so I know he's at peace, in Heaven with those that went on before him.

Please forward to all you know that services for Larry Joe Trexler will be held at Neal-Rarpley Funeral home on Madison Street, not far from Kroger's from 1-4 Tuesday Jan. 12. Viewing time, time to meet his family and service also.

We'd like to have had a wake at the VFW, but haven't been able to contact anyone about it yet. Joe Alexander went over there today but they were closed. He said he'd try to find out if we will be able to do so. If so, a wake would be held after the services. Any food would be appreciated. Contact me at this address to let me know anything you can find out about honoring this man at the VFW Thank you.

It scared me that they did the gun powder residue on my hands but I was assured that that is a normal procedure. I'm still in shock over this but nerve pills have kept (allowed) me able to function for now. As soon as I find out anything, I will send another email to Carmen.

Barbara Trexler
Carmin  ~  VFW officer


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