Airman Allen O'Rear's Page of Photos

After Basic at Lackland, off to Ft Benning for Jump School, then onto Keesler for 30434 Radio Repair training. After Keesler I was PCS W/O PCA to Ft Bragg with the 82nd. Home station was 507th DAS Shaw. Deployed with the 82nd to VN Apr - OCt '68 Flew right seat in O2's with some great FAC's. Maj Coyle, Capt. Langlois, Lt Burk.

I really hope some of my friends see it and contact me. Cliff Piper, Ollie Osmundson?, and Charlie Bartholomew were all at Shaw about the same time I was, Cliff Piper and I are both pictured in the news article.

While in Vietnam I experienced Ground fire while on the ride from Hue landing strip to Camp Rodrigues, also numerous rocket attacks at Camp Rodrigues, DaNang, Dong Ha and while flying in and out of the A Shau Valley.


Artical Published - Hope to get a cleaner scan shortly.



The FACs

After a rocket attack!


Some snapshots around Camp Rodrigues